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Golf may be a preciseness club and ball sport during which competitory players (or golfers) use numerous clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course exploitation as few strokes as potential. Golf is outlined, within the rules of golf, as "playing a ball with a club from the land site into the outlet by a stroke or ordered strokes in accordance with the principles."

It is one in all the few ball games that don't need a standardised parcel. Instead, the sport is vied on a course, normally consisting of Associate in the Nursing organized progression of either 9 or eighteen holes. every hole on the course should contain a tee box to start out from, and a site containing the particular hole. There area unit numerous different standardised varieties of piece of ground in between, like the green, rough, and hazards, however, every hole on a course, and so among just about all courses, is exclusive in its specific layout and arrangement.

Golf competition is usually vie for all-time low variety of strokes by a personal, noted merely as golf game, or all-time low score on the foremost individual holes throughout an entire spherical by a personal or team, called golf. golf game is that the most typically seen format at just about all levels of play, though variations of golf, like "skins" games, also are seen in televised events. different varieties of marking conjointly exist.


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